by BB&S Lighting on March 06, 2017

SO YOU ARE SHOOTING A COMMERCIAL FOR THIS FAMOUS BREWERY USING YOUR FAVOURITE LED LIGHTS.   A man and a woman are sitting in a bar. Between them stands this fine bottle of wine and two glasses. You need to light that bottle so it looks irresistable and anybody who sees the commercial would wish he was the one sitting in the bar right now drinking that glass of wine.   Ideally the bottles should look something like this...     CAN´T WAIT TO SEE WHAT LIGHTING FIXTURE WAS USED FOR THIS SHOT?    TAKE A SNEAK PEAK HERE   HOW..

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What LED Lights would you use for Display Lighting?

by BB&S Lighting on March 01, 2017

  In front of you are a couple of swords, two armours and a bunch of really old riffles... They are inside a display with safety glass in front it, and it is your job to make them look their best using LED Lights.   How would you light that display? - You could put some kind of tube light in the ceiling, but when it reaches the helmet, that would cast a long shadow on the rest of the armour. - Then you could add another fixture in the bottom of the display to light up the rest. That..

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Peter Elaborates: "We are very exited about this new cooperation. Octica has a really good reputation in the professional lighting business..." (read more)

When building a studio in a place like this, it is important to use lighting fixtures that are easy to set up and take down. Because every time a new game is on, the crew has to pull down all lights, so they are not interfering with the broadcasting of the game...

Today´s Competition

by BB&S Lighting on November 25, 2016

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The BB&S Elf Blog

by BB&S Lighting on November 25, 2016

THE BB&S ELF BLOG FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM #bbselfblog   December 22nd 2016 Dear BB&S Yah, it´s Christmas Lunch time at BB&S. I´m so happy you invited me too! It´s me in the picture, reaching for the bottle, haha;-) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! The BB&S Elf       December 20th 2016 Dear BB&S. Uh, thank you for helping me out. Wanna see my new friends who did it? There´s a nice picture of us on Instagram;-) It´s so good to be back in the assembly again! You´re right, I can´t make any trouble from up here. But wow, what a..

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