BB&S LIGHTING™ is a leading international manufacturer from Copenhagen and a developer of high-end LED lighting, including Remote Phosphor Technology, LEKO, Fresnel and LED Bank Lighting for television, theater and feature film lighting.  Made by Lighting People for Lighting People.



What is REMOTE PHOSPHOR Technology?

You´ve heard it before, your cinematographer colleagues are talking about it, but if you were asked to explain what it actually is, you may not know how to answer, other than it is a technology that makes LED lights better.

Phosphor may ring a bell. It has the ability to light up when stroked by electrons and is used in glow-in-the-dark materials and fluorescent lights. But, phosphor is also used in traditional LEDs you usually work with, so what´s the difference...?

Area 48 Color RGBWW

The new award winning BB&S Lighting Area 48 Color is now shipping.  This fixture is not Remote Phosphor but matches it. Weighing only 10 pounds drawing 165 watts and delivering over 13,000 lumens with  97 CRI and a 48 VDC Power Supply. 

BB&S Lighting in the Movies!

What Hollywood Blockbuster Movies do you think BB&S Lighting have fixtures in? Watch this video to find out!