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Pipeline Raw 4-Way Controller with DMX

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Pipeline RAW 4-way controller with DMX 512 in/out, Strobe and 48 Volt PSU with locking PowerCon True 1 AC cord; has 4 each 40 watt channels that can power 4 each 1' Raw Pipes per channel or 2 each 2' Raw Pipes;  1 each 3' Raw Pipe; 1 each 4' Raw Pipe; 1 each 2' 2-Bank or 1 each 1' 4-Bank. This unit also has a 4-Pin power out for wireless control.

Each of the Raw Pipes comes with a 10' shielded cable with a 3-Pin XLR connector. You can purchase additional 8', 16' or 25' shielded extension cables.  

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