What LED Lights would you use for Display Lighting?

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In front of you are a couple of swords, two armours and a bunch of really old riffles...

They are inside a display with safety glass in front it, and it is your job to make them look their best using LED Lights.


How would you light that display?

- You could put some kind of tube light in the ceiling, but when it reaches the helmet, that would cast a long shadow on the rest of the armour.

- Then you could add another fixture in the bottom of the display to light up the rest.

That should work, even though it would be hard to focus the light on the exact objects you´d prefer.

- Another solution would be lighting up the armour from the sides to give them more texture.


But the exhibitor prefers it if you can´t see the lighting fixtures at all:

"This is a museum. Everything the visitors see should look amazing; their experience should not be disrupted by ugly looking technical equipment". 

Alright then. 

You try to find some standard small light to mount and hide inside the U profile.

But you cannot find one small enough, they are all too long.

They stick out in front of the U profile and become visible from the sides.


"By the way that´s armoured glass... so hopefully we won´t have to change LEDs too often?"

The exhibitor adds.

Oh, just another concern to consider. It´s going to be really expensive to remove that glass once installed, not to mention heavy, so changing LEDs is not likely to happen over night should one break. 

Right now it would be really nice to have an LED Light that was just small enough to fit in those U profiles, and with LEDs that would last forever...


The pictures you see are from Tøjhusmuseet in Copenhagen.

Lighting designer Jørgen Kjær used 2.400 K7s from BB&S Lighting to make the entire museum shine:

"The challenge in an exhibition like this is always, how can you hide the fixture.

You want a good glare control adding a honey comb,

and then it is always practical if you can change the optics yourself...

because of the size and flexibility the K7 was a very good choice for this project".



The K7 Twist mounted inside the U profiles was the only light small enough to be hidden completely from the visitors view.


- The K7 has a strong magnetic base, so it is very easy to set up, as it attracts itself to the steel U profile.


- You can point it in any direction you want, which allows you to light up exactly the objects you want inside the display.


Besides from that you can change the lens as you please, choosing between:


- narrow

- medium

- wide and

- eliptical


But if you want to use it in a place, where it is visible, the fixture itself actually also looks pretty good;-)


"I´ll give you a beer for every K7 you can find that isn´t working..."


On top of that it is a high quality light.

"We have had around 10.000 of the K7s hanging around in Danish museums for about 3 years now, and not a single one has needed to get the LEDs changed."

Peter Plesner, founder of BB&S Lighting, tells a story. He challenged one of his distributors the other day: 

"I was showing him Tøjhusmuseet and told him, that for every K7 he could find that wasn´t working I´d give him a beer. So naturally he took the challenge really seriously. He got to see the entire exhibition and passed thousands of K7s. But he didn´t find a single one that wasn´t working"











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