Introducing Pipeline 1 Foot 4 Bank

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Meet our new Pipeline Raw 1 Foot 4 Bank 


Small studios are the next big thing

Everyone in broadcasting seems to need a small studio  today.

TV stations are making Web News Studios because their audience has moved online.

Large corporations make small studios so their CEO's can save time and money by talking to other companies, partners or employees from the corner of his office instead of having to travel around the world all the time.

Everybody is experimenting with video and many need some small studio from where they can:

- present their new products,

- do Webinars,

- have video conferences


The 1 Foot 4 Bank is made for SMALL STUDIOS

When you have limited space and a low ceiling at your disposal, and accordingly need to hang your lights 6-12 feet (2-4 meters) away from the person you´re filming, this is where you set up a Pipeline 1' 4-Bank or in conjunction with the 2' 2-Bank.

Even though it is a small fixture, it still has a very high output of 3600-4000 lumens.


The 1 Foot 4 Bank only:

- weighs 3 lbs (1,3 kg)

- 1 foot long (306 mm),

- 8 inches wide (203 mm)

- 2" inches deep (36 mm)

Its small size makes it easy to fit in a small grid or a suspended ceiling that small studios typically have to settle for.

If you only have i.e. 8 feet (2,4 meters) ceiling height, the 1 foot 4 bank wont interfere with your picture framing, and

its low weight ensures you won´t ruin the ceiling.

So if you want your shareholders to participate in your board meetings, you can simply turn your conference room into a conference studio by rigging a couple of Pipelines in the ceiling, and then doing the meeting Live on Facebook;-)

- As a bonus this high output light will make your board look really good and trustworthy;-)


1 Foot 4 Bank features:

– Choose between fixed CCT 3200, 4300 or 5600K,

– TLCI of +95

– High output: 3.600 to 4000 Lumens

– DMX-controllable using the Pipeline 4 - way controller

– Low power draw: 40 Watts

– Fan-free quiet operation

– 48V power supply (included with the Pipeline 4 way Controller)

The low power draw ensures that you can use all the lights even if you have very limited access to power, as will be the problem when you set up a small studio in i.e. your office place.


The 1 Foot 4 Bank is a Remote Phosphor LED Light which ensures you...

– highly accurate color rendering, and

– no loss in color temperature

So your CEO can be certain never to be green in his face and always look his best when doing live interviews with TV Stations from the corner of his office.


You can build your own quality small studio for a really low price. 

If you have an extremely tight budget, you could get away with just getting a 4-Way Controller and a 1 Foot 4 Bank to hang above that Radio Broadcasting table to add a nice looking web video feed to your radio show or podcast, however...


For only $2860 (or 2600 Euro) you can fully equip your small studio with LED lights.


That amount would give you this:

Pipeline Raw 1 Foot 4 Bank, to use as back lighting

Pipeline Raw 2 Foot 2 Bank as front lighting,

Pipeline Raw 2 Foot as fill and

4-Way Controller to control them all from DMX

Including cables for it all

(Sorry, we don´t make cameras, so you´ll have to get one elsewhere, or even use your smartphone as a start;-))

A set-up using these lights would look like this:


But you can custom make your own lighting setup to fit exactly your needs


We have many variations of fixtures in our Pipeline Raw series, from:

Single pipes in 1,2,3 and 4 Foot, to the


2 Foot 2 bank or


the 1 Foot 4 Bank


Any of these can be connected to


the 4-Way Controller

and combined in any way that serves you the best.



(That is why we also have our Pipeline Free series where all fixtures come with their own dimmer. The Pipeline Frees do however NOT connect to the 4-Way Controller)




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